The Czech hardware wallet with international acclaim


Trezor is the most technologically sophisticated hardware wallet in the world. It was developed by the Czech company SatoshiLabs and it enjoys international success. However, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not too popular with Facebook and Google at the moment, which has been a tough nut for Trezor to crack.

After thoroughly setting up analytics and e-commerce tracking across the entire web, we prepared some test campaigns. But due to the limitations on advertising crypto-related products imposed by Google and Facebook, we had to really think outside the box. First we developed creative landing pages that didn’t mention cryptocurrencies at all. We also tried a special ad network just for crypto, Reddit Ads, and even Amazon.

Long story short, the key to success was adapting to the rules while still finding some creative workarounds This approach worked out for us, and we ended up managing SatoshiLab’s campaign for over two years.

The number of markets where we ran campaigns for Trezor (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Japan, Switzerland, Israel, Hong Kong, Russia, Norway, Spain, Germany, & France)

Non-traditional channels tested

Would you also like to test even non-traditional channels to sell your product?

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