We’ll help you crush
your business goals
We’ll help you crush
your business goals

We have over 10 years’ experience getting products like yours in front of the right people, at the right place, at the right time.



We know it makes no sense to pump money into online advertising without having a strong concept first. That’s why we begin each project with a discussion about your budget and campaign objective. We then use that information to propose preferred digital channels and a creative strategy designed to meet your goals and make your product shine.


We can captivate the world

Our team’s international experience helps us create successful performance campaigns for the entire world.

We have our own team of PPC experts and creatives

Together, we will design and execute a campaign that makes sense—for your brand and your wallet.

We cover a broad scope

We create successful B2B and B2C campaigns that help our clients increase sales, generate leads, gain mobile app installations or increase brand awareness. We can even help online stores win on product comparison servers.

We’re constantly improving

Just like the world of online advertising is always changing, our specialists are constantly expanding their knowledge, experimenting with new trends and coming up with innovative solutions.

We go beyond just PPC

Yes, we can run highly successful performance campaigns, but you can also trust us to take excellent care of your long-term communication on the web and social media.

What we’re good at

Whether it’s a small group of entrepreneurs or all the football fans in Brazil, our goal is to get your message to the right people, in the right place. That’s why we work across a multitude of online sales channels like Google Ads and various social media on a daily basis. You can also count on us to help your brand stand out in other online advertising spaces, such as product comparison servers, native advertising or RTB. In short, wherever your audience gets information, that’s where they’ll see your message.

Search Engine Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns


Product Comparison Site Campaigns

Display Ad Campaigns 

Mobile App Campaigns

Who we’ve already helped

Some of our latest projects include bringing new customers to the carsharing app HoppyGo, successfully introducing and localizing Livesport’s new app FlashSport to seven markets, including Great Britain and Brazil, helping entrepreneurs improve their cash flow with Cashbot, and helping THE FIZZ a student housing concept across Europe reach full occupancy, even during the pandemic.

Our expertise

Continually producing high-quality work has earned us several certificates that give us an edge over other agencies. These certificates give us the power to resolve your issues faster and grant us priority access to new and improved features for each channel.


Google Partner

Thanks to being long-time members of Google’s Partner Program, we have access to the newest technology, knowledge and support.


Mailchimp Partner

We are one of a small number of official members of Mailchimp’s partner program. And no wonder! We’ve worked with Mailchimp for over 8 years.


Meta Business Partner

According to Meta (formerly Facebook), we meet the highest standards of performance and service, making us part of a global community of experts who have access to valuable insights and priority support.


Hotjar Founding Partner

We were at the beginning of the analytics startup Hotjar, which we localized into the czech language. Hotjar helps monitor and understand user behavior on websites.


What working with us looks like

We will prepare a fitting strategy → We will design a media plan with budgets and expected results → We will write copy and create graphics → We will set up analytics for your website or app → We will deploy campaigns and optimize them for their duration → We will report everything to you in real time.


Campaign Audit

From €450

Price is determined based on the number of audited channels and their structure.

Context matters. That’s why we always take time to understand the why behind your already running campaigns first. We’ll want to talk to your marketing specialist and find out why things are set up the way they are and what is the underlying goal. We know from experience that this is the best way to understand your company’s needs and background.

PPC campaign management

From €600

The price is determined based on many factors, like media budget amount, campaign objectives, the number of channels involved, the need to rotate visuals, etc.

We will take complete care of running and developing your performance campaigns. We will optimize them daily and communicate with you on a regular basis about how to progress your campaigns and make them even more successful.


From €750

Properly configured web or mobile app analytics form an essential foundation for all of your marketing activities. We can either audit your current setup to make sure you can rely on your analytics data, or set up your analytics completely, typically in collaboration with your developers.


From €500

Being able to evaluate collected data is an essential foundation for all of your marketing activities. We can build simple or highly complex online reports on data obtained from the analytics and business tools you use, giving you a quick view of your current business results and an in-depth analysis of your online activities in real time.

1 company. 15 people. 10 years on the market. Since the beginning, we‘ve enjoyed working on projects that are new to the market or looking for a better way to sell and communicate online. And finally, meet the core performance team, already looking forward to taking your online marketing to the next level.

Let’s talk

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