“I appreciate their agile approach to work, which is very precise and able to give appropriate recommendations for improvement.”

— Martin Matějka, Head of Digital marketing, Livesport s.r.o. —

The whole world of sport in your pocket

Sports fans need no introduction to Livesport. But for the rest of us: it's a successful Czech technology company that brings sports moments to fans around the world in real-time.

In 2020, Livesport decided to launch FlashSport, an app that offers fans all the sports news of their choice in one place. Interested in tennis? Volleyball? A particular football club? Or perhaps an athlete? Just select your interests and FlashSport will make sure you always have the news you want at your fingertips. A handy app for sports fans, don’t you think?

With the claim The whole world of sport in your pocket, we launched campaigns initially on the Czech market in the fall of 2020, and a year later on 6 other markets. The challenge was not just the sheer number of formats, but also their market localization - instead of a generic English version, we created localized ads, tailor-made to fit each market.

We continue taking care of campaigns for FlashSport to this day, focusing on sporting events around the world and targeting fans during the event. Since airing the original ad spot starring Jan Koller, we have built a close relationship with the Livesport team and design our own creatives for performance ads on YouTube and Facebook, which we produce in-house.

Over the course of our collaboration with Livesport, we’ve launched campaigns in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, United Kingdom, Brazil, Kenya and Nigeria. We continue managing campaigns for some of these markets to this day.

In addition to performance campaigns, we’ve added brand campaigns over time. These campaigns complement each other and help us produce better long-term results. We’ve even tackled a Brandlift in three different countries.

Livesport’s openness and trust in our abilities are the bedrock of our continued cooperation. They’ve given us not just a multitude of options and opportunities to work with, but also confidence and faith through testing various formats and strategies. And thanks to FlashSport being both an app and a website, the field of possibilities is even wider.

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