"We have been working with Digital Ant for more than a year, during which time we have set up our social media communication plans and SEO strategy and have successfully started to implement them. Digital Ant manages all of our brand and performance campaigns, including comprehensive reporting. In just a short period of time they’ve delivered good results by exceeding our set goals. What I particularly appreciate about the cooperation is the proactive, professional, and human approach."

— Dana Stloukalová, marketing manager —

For a sustainable future!


STIEBEL ELTRON is an undisputed pioneer in the field of thermal technology, especially in the production of heat pumps, water heaters, and ecological building ventilation solutions. As a company with almost a hundred years of history, their social media presence ended up being more or less just a supplement to their traditional offline sales methods.

We successfully kicked off our cooperation with STIEBEL ELTRON at the end of 2020. Since then, we’ve been managing Facebook and expensive performance campaigns for this company which draws inspiration from modern life and who builds their solutions with a sustainable future in mind.

Since beginning our cooperation, we’ve focused on completely redesigning their previous agency’s ineffective campaigns by shifting their budgets to campaigns based on much more relevant leads. We have been able to implement new lead generation methods that now account for over 78% of all leads, and are 4x cheaper than their previous approach.

After adjusting their Google Ads campaigns, average session duration has improved significantly and the bounce rate has sharply dropped. This has resulted in a 221% increase in the conversion rate of their website.

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