Princess Jewellery


"Digital Ant team meets my needs. All of my ideas and suggestions are transferred to the work in a very short time. All my questions are answered rapidly and we synchronize with our ideas and plans for the growth of the company. "

— Niko Topalli, Owner —

Passion ignites the allure of every exquisite jewel


Princess Jewellery is a Czech jewellery manufacturer whose roots go back to Prague’s Wenceslas Square in 1976. Over the years, they have expanded their presence by adding a new storefront in Westfield Chodov, complementing their original, dazzling location in Wenceslas Square. In 2022, they approached us with the aim of enhancing their online brand visibility and boosting sales through their new e-shop.

However, after we started working together, we encountered several obstacles and first had to decipher their website’s user behaviour. We found out that most customers used the website as a catalogue and prefered to do actual shopping in stores. The site saw good traffic, lots of time spent, but generated very few orders.

So, we started to focus on building trust. The website underwent a makeover and we switched our campaign goals from online purchases to branding. We added campaigns targeting routes to the Princess Jewellery store locations, and last but not least, we started building brand awareness on Instagram, where we regularly promote posts to increase the follower count.

The results? They tried several targeting methods for finding routes to Princess Jewellery branches: Performance Max, Discovery, Catalogue with a map of the nearest branch, video ads from the branches, or static banners with photos of both branches. We were able to increase the brand's searchability by 129%. And for Pmax campaigns with the goal of displaying the branch, we lowered the CPA from 30 CZK to 7 CZK.

An important part of our work is frequently reviewing results and openly communicating with clients. Our work must first and foremost make sense to us. And because initial intentions and ideas are not always the best ones, we are happy for every open-minded client who welcomes advice on how to further evolve our collaboration. And Princess Jewellery is undoubtedly one of them.

Do you also want to make your brand visible online? Together, we’ll find the way.

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