2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship


"Generally a very modest team with a consistent positive attitude."

— Martin Klčo, Marketing Head, Unicorn Attacks —

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The 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship stands as the pinnacle of domestic hockey events of the decade. And it is THE event we proudly supported in its endeavour to ignite the ice hockey passion of European fans and shatter attendance records through online marketing strategies.

Thirteen months before the first face-off, we dropped the captivating visuals crafted by Unicorn Attacks and superlative.works on the social media channels, which marked the beginning of a thrilling journey. In the initial phase, our content team skillfully enticed both Czech and international fans to secure their tickets. As the second period commenced, our performance team stepped into the ring, launching campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and Google to drive ticket sales. By January, our efforts had surpassed expectations, with over 400K+ tickets sold, paving the way for the final stretch of the project: igniting the hockey fever among Czech fans.

Determining the MVP of this project is rather challenging, as nearly every department within our company contributed significantly. Graphic designers meticulously crafted visuals featuring unique "puckoticons," while copywriters and Social Media managers consistently created content for hockey enthusiasts on Facebook and Instagram. Campaign specialists sharpened targeting, and project managers coached everything with the help of the Czech Hockey Federation and IIHF, ensuring seamless coordination around the clock.

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