“Thanks to the cooperation with Digital Ant, Boardstar managed to increase the annual turnover of orders by tens of percent. Digital Ant is not only our supplier but also a friend.”

—  Jiří Týn, Manager of 

DA - Web - Pripadovky - BS 01 - Mockup 01DA - Web - Pripadovky - BS 01 - Mockup 01
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Boardstar is one of the largest Czech online shops with skate & snow fashion. With Boardstar, you can acquire product from brands like Vans, Dakine, Burton, Nike, Adidas, Converse, Quiksilver and more. In Prague, there are now five partner brick-and-mortar shops and online shop visits amount to hundreds of thousands per month.


We mainly provide performance campaigns in almost every corner of the Czech Internet for Boardstar: we use search engines, Facebook, Instagram, price comparison websites such as Heureka, Zboží.cz, Shopalike glam and more. Our main objective is the lowest possible price for an order.
We help and support brand by banner campaigns, especially on YouTube and social networks or in the Google Display Network and Sklik.
In order to raise the level of Boardstar’s visual presentation, we have prepared a brand manual in which we set how to use fonts, colors and other design elements. We also help Boardstar with the preparation of visual material, such as graphics on social networks, e-mailing templates or banners to a limited extent


Our collaboration started with a thorough analysis of existing performance channels because we wanted to build on what worked for Boardstar in the past and then gradually incorporate innovations and improvements.
After identifying weaknesses, we started to deploy new campaigns on search engines, including purchase campaigns. We incorporated banner campaigns into the marketing mix, in which we currently point out the biggest hits concerning the online shop. We gradually extend campaigns with new types of goods, but always making sure the price per order is within demarked limits.
Currently we are primarily working to promote the brand as such, therefore we have proposed the design of banners and the managing of long-term brand campaigns in the Google Display Network and Sklik


In 2016, we helped Boardstar to increase turnover by more than 30% and it on average, one-fifth costs per order was enough for us. We managed to virtually improve the accomplishments of all performance channels from search engines up to social networks.
We brought almost 50% more visitors to the website and we reduced the price per acquired customer in the case of paid channels by a third. We managed to raise the conversion rate of the entire online shop by an excellent 42%, while also simultaneously increasing the average price of the order.