"They’re strong in coming up with modern designs and content. Moreover, they excel at planning and making a strategy to follow up with a plan."

— Lukas Marecek, Marketing Director, Phoenix Marketing & Consulting —

Juicy content for an American griddle manufacturer


The portable meal machine. That’s been our nickname for griddles made by the American manufacturer Razor Griddle, ever since we started handling their social media (IG + FB) and online campaigns back in 2020.

That’s right, we’re a Prague based agency that creates engaging online content for an American audience. When we got the chance to get a first-hand feel for the overseas market in 2020, we jumped right on it, developing both a content and a creative strategy for Razor Griddle and updating it as needed along the way. After two years of successful collaboration, we even took on community management.

While communicating with fans through an 8-hour time difference is ambitious, it’s the process of creating content for Americans in Czech conditions with Czech resources that’s the real challenge. One that we tackle every six months, while sourcing suitable locations and models to convey just the right brand feel. But embracing all of these obstacles really just makes seeing how well our content works that much more rewarding. In fact, why not judge for yourself.

That’s how many photos and videos we prepare for Razor Griddle every year.

That’s the number of fans for whom we create IG + FB content.

The amount of fans who engaged with our content on social media in 2021.

Ready to grill up your own juicy SoMe strategy?

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