a startup takes
a lot of work…
a startup takes
a lot of work…

...while only a few are successful in the long term. However, you still have a chance. You need experience, rapid “movement” and good marketing. We have a number of projects behind us starting from zero and we know how to get attention, first customers and start the project.


UX & design

We will design the user interface and appearance. Whether it’s a mobile application, web interface or the physical appearance of your product

Idea testing

We will help you test your ideas on the market without wasting a lot of money and time. Often, a small test can show you how to build a product and what to avoid.

Go-to-market strategies

We will analyze your product and the market it targets, and we will propose a strategy on how to introduce the product as well as what to do to get a target response and the target number of customers.


Customer acquisition

We will prepare a campaign for Google, Facebook and other media appropriate for your project. We know how to quickly start any online campaign well.

Social media & content

We will take care of launching your project on social networks and we will form and strengthen your brand by means of content.

User research & analytics

It is extremely important for startups to understand people. Understanding real customers who are interested in your product. We know how to do it.


Home Credit

The financial group operating in 11 world countries.


Techsquare Ostrava

Connects corporations with independent startups.


Creative Dock

An innovative hub, which builds startups into corporations.