“The Zasloužímsi project is a social experiment with an overlap in funding. The Digital Ant Agency prepared not only the creative aspect, but also managed testing and performance. Thanks to their flexibility, we were able to test the necessary hypothesis within a very short time, and they also prepared a contributive analysis of the comprehensive results.”

— Zbyšek Pochylý, Koupito.cz Manager

DA - Web - Pripadovky - #zaslouzimsi 07DA - Web - Pripadovky - #zaslouzimsi 07
DA - Web - Pripadovky - #zaslouzimsi 08DA - Web - Pripadovky - #zaslouzimsi 08
DA - Web - Pripadovky - #zaslouzimsi 04 - CZDA - Web - Pripadovky - #zaslouzimsi 04 - CZ


Zasloužímsi is an innovative project from the Home Credit company. It uses Gamification elements, combined with the involvement of Facebook, in order to reach new target groups for installment purchases.Currently it is focused on the Chinese market with its mobile applications for iOS.


We ensured the complete communication aspect of the Christmas Facebook campaign for Zasloužímsi. We selected the target groups, designed the campaign structure, prepared the wording of the advertisements and graphically processed their visuals. We took care of the managing and optimizing of the campaigns throughout and the regular reporting of interim results.