“Digital Ant is an agency that faced the challenge of changing customer behavior and the accomplishments match up. I appreciate their flexibility since we need it very much when collaborating on an entirely new product. We relatively prepare a lot of creative stuff and at the same time, all the performance formats need much more managing than usual. I’m definitely looking forward to more cooperation in the future.”

— Zbyšek Pochylý, Manager of Koupito.cz


Koupito is a small revolution for installment purchasing. It has its origins in Creative Dock - an innovative incubator, but today already fully under the charge of Home Credit. Koupito turns installment purchasing upside down. It doesn’t matter which online shop you choose, and whether the one chosen by you allows paying in installments. All you need is a link to the selected goods. You just put the link into Koupito, which with use of computer magic pulls out information about goods and their prices, and you just set up for how long you want to pay. Super simple, right?


We take care of the Facebook profile for Koupito, both concerning content and performance campaigns. We show how Koupito works through Facebook, explaining its benefits and answering questions from supporters in comments and in the messages. The main focus of our work is based on acquiring new customers through advertising on Facebook, from which we direct users to the website. We use all kinds of tools Facebook makes available for us, including remarketing lookalike audiences, lead ads and other.
We also help with the 
setting of analytic tools, A/B testing and automated reporting.


Every day we monitor the activity of Koupito’s Facebook posts and react when needed. Simultaneously, we prepare a content plan of posts that should be added in the next two weeks. We manage and optimize performance advertisements on Facebook on a daily basis. We regularly try new formats, edit wording and test new target groups.
 Currently, we are testing a new way of communicating with clients via Slack.


From Facebook we managed to create a channel that works not only for brand building and customer interaction, but also acquiring new customers, especially younger ones from a target group. Facebook then became Koupito’s important part of the commercial mix.