Jsme Zdravá Firma


“The Ants are amazing and imaginative creative people. I like how they become enthusiastic about what we do. They understand our service, run with it and reflect it in the proposal corresponding to our vision. Simply divine...:) Actually, they put together what we were speaking about into a combined whole in a flourishing manner. They also pointed out the deficiencies that might have had a negative effect on the client’s decision regarding our service, so they allowed us to move on...”

— Helena Březinová, Trade, Finance & Partners

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We help companies finding their desire to work. How? By using the simple truth that when we are ablaze with energy and health, we work and create better, manage stress better and we are sharper in thinking. Jsme Zdravá Firma team educates and supports those who want to find their way to a healthy diet and discover food that brings them health, tastes great and is easily accessible. Their offer includes workshops, shared cooking, tasting of healthy snacks for meetings and consultations on changing companies' canteens.


We have prepared a brand identity and necessary documentation. We talked a lot, laughed together and sometimes went out for a good meal. We were seeking an objective about what exactly JZF team gives to the companies under their wings and where it wants to grow further. The result was a deep understanding and a lot of information through which we created a nice functional website, logo, training materials and presentation items. At the same time, we unified the use of the team’s photos and communication language with customers.