“Fertilitypedia is a new project still looking for its exact place on the market. With Digital Ant, we have found a partner allowing us to quickly test new channels, targeting and propositions regardless of country or language.”

— Edward Meegan, Leader of Creative Dock’s Innovative Team 

DA - Web - Pripadovky - Fertilitypedia 01DA - Web - Pripadovky - Fertilitypedia 01


Nowadays the path to conception is often long and unpredictable. If you are still not successful, there are many possibilities for assisted conception you can consider. And much searching and research awaits you in order to understand them. Fertilitypedia is a place where you can get verified information, test to see how you are doing, perform an online basic diagnosis via a Watson supercomputer, read all up on diagnoses and possibilities of artificial insemination and last but not least, also choose a certified clinic to seek medical assistance.
The Creative Dock innovative lab takes care of the Fertilitypedia development


We especially handle the performance marketing for Fertilitypedia. We have designed and managed campaigns on Google, Facebook and banner campaigns in Google’s content network, for which we have also prepared banner designs. We use, among others, contextual advertising or advertising in mobile applications in the content network.
Fertilitypedia is a project with global ambitions. All the campaigns we are in charge of are projected from the Czech Republic, mainly to the
USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Poland, Germany and Italy.


Our role is twofold. First, we gain new registered users for Fertilitypedia at the lowest possible price for new registration, and we also have the task of testing new areas, channels, advertising formats and communication approaches. It forces us to constantly come up with new things and not rest on the laurels of first successes.
The biggest challenge was figuring out how to succeed with a new project in a highly competitive market, because everything is very expensive in assisted reproduction, especially in markets such as the US. The price per click can imperturbably reach 50 and more Czech crowns. Therefore, we had to come up with clever ways of succeeding in these markets and keeping the price per new registered user at a defined level


Fertilitypedia is the best proof of our claim that banner advertising is not dead, if you know how to use it. Thanks to the well-designed and in particular, precisely aimed banners, we are also able to acquire new registered users for the cost of several Czech crowns from highly competitive markets in the United States and the United Kingdom to Fertilitypedia.
In these countries, we have managed to also launch campaigns in search engines. Actually, we mainly target “long-tail” keywords in which the competition is not so high and yet are very relevant for us