“Digital Ant helps us acquire new users even outside the Czech Republic. Our project is ambitious and that’s the reason why it’s great we have found a partner that helps us fulfill our ambitions.”

— Iva Svítilová, Project Manager in

DA - Web - Pripadovky - Babysitting 02 - ENDA - Web - Pripadovky - Babysitting 02 - EN


A simple mobile application, allowing parents to find babysitting for their child in a short time. All babysitters undergo an entrance interview, possess a clean criminal record and are verified by other parents. So far, the application operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but its ambitions are global.


We acquire new users for this useful application with an emphasis on the lowest possible cost for installation. We use the Google search engine as well as advertising to the acquisition of application installations in the Google Display Network and on Facebook. However, bringing in new users is not enough. We also need to remind even the existing ones that they already have the application in the phone thanks to which they can go with a partner to the cinema in the evening like before with the child taken care of. We mainly use advertising on Facebook to activate application users. At this point we are managing campaigns in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and making plans for other countries.