Our job
is to get you
to the next level
Our job
is to get
you to the
next level

More customers, a stronger and more trustworthy brand, more effective marketing. That’s why clients hire us. We have gained experience and have created “know-how” on how to move you forward in the online business through years of hard work on more than 700 campaigns.


Promotion in search engines

Advertising on Google, Seznam and Baidu is our royal discipline. We have 4+ years of practice, hundreds of successful campaigns and managing the bulk of keywords.

Promotion on social networks

We take care of advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, but also on a number of smaller social networks.

Banner advertising

We will explain how to use banner advertisements. You may think that banners do not work, but when you know how to use it, they can bring great results. And we know it.

Real–time Bidding (RTB)

Use the power of data for surgically precise targeting of your advertisements through RTB technology. We use the services of Adform platform for RTB.


Believe it or not, e-mail is still alive, and as a marketing channel is very effective. We will take care both of the content and graphic form.  


Social networks administration

We will take care of your brand on social networks. We will create a content plan, we will give your brand a clear language and ensure interaction with fans.

Content formation

We can create content on blogs, social networks and other media, thus supporting your trustworthiness and knowledge of your brand.


We have a lot of experience with the creation of branded concepts, visual styles and their redesign. It is based on rigorous study, training and research.


Design an application or web

We design the user interface of mobile applications or website. It is based on a rigorous study, research and testing. We have 8 years of experience in graphic design.

Improve customer satisfaction

We analyze customer satisfaction and we come up with specific findings and the steps to create customer-oriented services.

Create community

Customer community can greatly increase the credibility of your brand, promote affinity (loyalty) of customers and attract attention. We have unique knowledge through the experience of e-commerce in China, which is strongly developed in this respect.

Test an idea

We will help you test your ideas on the market without having to invest a lot of money and time. Often, a small test can show you how to build a product and what to avoid.


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Hotjar Founding Member

Hotjar Founding Member